Sup Yoga and Sup Fitness Health Questionnaire

This questionnaire has been designed to help you to enjoy your session safely. All information given will remain private and confidential.

Health Information

Yoga Experience

SUP Experience

Swimming Ability

Other Information

With regards to all forms of exercise if you have any doubt about your level of health and
fitness it is advisable to consult your GP prior to the commencement of Sup Yoga or Sup
Fitness session. The instructor must be informed of any injuries, handicaps or medical
problems prior to joining the session. Sup Yoga Bournemouth Zoe Lee cannot accept
responsibility for personal injury whilst participating in Sup Yoga or Sup Fitness sessions if:
a) You have been advised against exercise on the basis of a pre-existing health condition by your GP.
b) You fail to observe the techniques and instructions given regarding safety.
I acknowledge that I exercise at my own risk.
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