Energise and Restore Yoga Day Retreat.

Saturday 2nd july 10.30 to 5pm

Energise & Restore Yoga Day Retreat

at Launceston Farm

Saturday 2nd July 10.30-5pm

All Levels Welcome

Getting ready for the summer holidays

Energise and Restore yourself In this regenerative and restorative full day retreat in the Dorset countryside.

Summer holidays are for relaxation and fun and yet we sometimes place so much expectation on them, we stress ourselves out before we even start.

In fact, many of us admit, we only begin to unwind mid-holiday.

With a few simple tips and insights from selected Yoga Sutras, we invite you to let go of expectations, future worries and embrace the here and now.

In this day retreat, we will be focussing on restoring our mental, emotional and physical selves and providing tips on how to let go of expectations and enjoy the peace and joy of the moment.

It’s a process.... it’s a beginning, but let us practice together and kick-start our summer holidays with peace and love.

What you will enjoy on the day:

We begin our day with a range of hot refreshments and treats followed by an introduction from Zoe and Lisa.

Breath Work and Vinyasa Flow Yoga

We will introduce breath work exercises, before guiding you through Vinyasa Flow Yoga. A flowing class harmonising breath and movement seamlessly moving from one posture to the next. Working on alignment, flexibility, strength and most importantly the breath.

There will be hand on adjustments, to help you into the poses. We will guide and challenge you at a level suitable to your needs, treating you with care and respect.

Soul nourishing plant-based lunch

A soul nourishing plant-based lunch will then be served, lovingly prepared by Sarah from Nouriish vegan catering company. https://www.instagram.com/_nouriish/

Have time to relax with friends while enjoying the Dorset countryside.

Mini Arm-Balance workshop

During the afternoon we will focus on a mini arm-balance workshop.

This fun, sequence of arm-balances is designed to teach you how to do arm-balances with a greater understanding and ease.

We will break down the anatomy of each posture, teach you the appropriate preparatory poses to open and strengthen the body, build the strength and structure in your body parts required for each arm balance.

You will learn the essential actions and movements along with the correct alignment and technique, which will help your body understand the mechanics and leverage of arm balances.

We will discuss tips and tricks for greater success.

This mini workshop will be geared up for all levels of yoga students

No prior arm balance practice required.

Yoga Nidra

We will then close our day together with a beautiful healing Yoga Nidra guided meditation where you will be invited to move into a deep state of relaxation.

Suitable for all levels including beginners.

Price £125

Book before June 1st and get it for £110

Price includes all Yoga, soul nourishing plant-based lunch.

All teas, coffees, drinks and snacks are provided throughout the day and are included in the price.

At Launceston Farm

Tarrant Launceston Blandford Forum Dorset DT11 8BY

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Any questions please contact Zoe

We looking forward to welcome you to this beautiful space.


Zoe and Lisa

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