Hip and Splits

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In this workshop we will work through some deep hip openers to help us create space for poses such as Splits and Full Louts Pose.

Our hips get tight from too much sitting and activities such as running and cycling.

By working on hip openers, we are increasing mobility in the pelvis, lengthening the Psoas is an important part of this and often go a miss, we will strengthen and stretch the glutes and thighs while releasing tension in the lower back often brought on by tight hips and Psoas.

The hips are also a place where we may store emotional tension we will be releasing both emotional and physical tension. during this workshop.

We will work with the breath to stretch and open the body as well as using playful drills and conditioning exercises to build the correct strength, alignment and flexibility needed to open your hips. 

Our special tips and tricks will allow you to learn, step by step, how to master these deeper poses with the correct techniques   ​

This workshop will be for all levels of yoga students, you don’t need to be able to do the splits to benefit from this workshop. 

No prior experience required.

The Lovely Adelaide from ‘Raw is for Real’ will be making us some delicious vegan treats!   

This will count as a Yoga alliance 2 hours CPD for those teachers among us.

At The Yoga Studio,  83 Ringwood Rd, Poole BH14 0RH


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Namaste Zoe