Trapeze & Aerial Yoga Workshop.

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Sunday 29th August 1.30 to 4.30pm.

In this workshop you’ll have loads of fun hanging out!

Time to indulge your curiosities, hang upside down, build strength and flexibility, learn a few tricks along the way and feel great!!

You will learn the essential actions and movements to safely get into the Trapeze or Aerial discuss tips and tricks for greater success, so you feel confident, while helping your body understand the mechanics and benefits of hanging upside down.

Using the Trapeze or Aerial you get the benefits of both normal yoga and inversion therapy. The combination of exercises is literally endless.

More benefits of the Trapeze orAerial are that you can decompress your spine and relieve pressure on those delicate disks between your vertebrae, increasing blood flow, oxygen to your brain and other vital organs while detoxing your lymphatic system.

Beyond the health benefits, the inversion Trapeze or Aerial also assists you in deeper positions such as backbends, helping build a strong core and elongating your muscles at the same time.

We will end this workshop with an amazing Cocoon Nidra Meditation led by the wonderful Jane Morgan Jones.

The Yoga Trapeze or Aerial can be used by both the beginner and advanced yogis alike.

at The Yoga Studio
Unit 1, 83 Ringwood Rd, Poole BH14 0RH
Price £48

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Namaste Zoe, Jane and Pete :)